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Boat Rescue in a Storm

The Captain was my own, personal "daredevil".  He never shied away from a challenge.  I sometimes believed that he sought them out, especially if it involved an adventure that he might survive and could one day tell the story about.  I do believe this was our first year of marraige, which means that I was still very green to the immense need that Captain Gator Ray Meyers had to "instruct".  I will never forget the time when we rescued a pontoon boat out on the lake in the middle of a tropical storm.  I remember spending days preparing the properties and getting all the boats secured for the approaching storm.  Once all the work was done, the only thing left to do was to sit back, keep a watchful eye out the window and wait for the storm to pass.  The sky was dark, the winds were high, the lake was rough and the rain was blowing sideways.  Then we saw it!  A pontoon boat out on the lake moving rapidly from west to east, just about twenty feet past the docks.  For all of you that knew him well, you would not be surprised to hear that he took on the mission of going out on the lake to tango with a runaway boat in a storm.  Would you be surprised that he told his new bride that she had to help?  I probably do not need to tell you how big my eyes got, with a few comments such as, "us?", "me?", "we?", "out there?".  And out we went.  We got Sparkey out of the lift and by this time the boat had already drifted past our house and was heading east towards his Mother's house.  We caught up to it and he positioned our boat alongside, keeping pace.  Then he gave me instructions and turned the controls over to me while grabbing a long rope and out of the boat he jumped.  He swam over to the pontoon boat, wrestled the waves crashing over him, trying not to knock his head on the pontoons and tied the rope to the frame of the pontoon boat!  Then he swam back to Sparkey and climbed in, as I was diligently working the controls and trying not to crash the boats together.  We towed the boat to his Mother's place and beached it in her yard.  He took the rope and tied it to a tree at the edge of her yard and ran up to tell her what had happened and that we would deal with it after the storm was over.  We took Sparkey back home, back into the lift, re-secured it and went inside to get warm & dry.  This was the moment that it dawned-on-me what the rest of my life with Mr. Meyers was going to be like.  Never a dull moment.  And it never was.   

Posted by Stacey Meyers
Wednesday January 31, 2018 at 11:30 pm
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